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Patton's Dad Owned South of the Silver Lake Reservoir in 1884

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The [sic] blog did some serious investigation work and dug up a cool corner of LA history over the weekend, discovering that the father of General George S. Patton (famous for, you know, defeating the Nazis in World War II) was a landowner just south of the reservoir in 1884 Silver Lake, a part of LA popular with Intelligentsia-swilling fixed-gear bike enthusiasts in 2012. The discovery came from the As the City Grew: Historical Maps of Los Angeles exhibit on the first floor of the Central Library and more than a few Google searches, all leading to the conclusion that George Smith Patton II came to Los Angeles in 1878 and owned land in what would become Silver Lake (Wikipedia reveals that the elder Patton was also District Attorney for the County of LA, the first City Attorney for Pasadena, and Mayor of San Marino). The 1884 plat map that sent [sic] on the search for the Patton connection reveals more interesting geographical facts from the LA of yesteryear, like the existence of a creek that used to run where Silver Lake Boulevard now sits, or that the intersection of Bellevue Avenue and London Street was once the intersection of Canal and Temple Streets.
· A Bit O' History: General George S. Patton's Dad Was The Original Owner Of Our Silver Lake Land [[sic]]