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ScarJo and RyReyn Selling "Upgraded" Los Feliz Wong House

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These are 2010 listing photos; the new listing only has one shot

We were sure we'd be seeing the Wong House either much sooner or far later, but here it is up for sale today of all days. Beautiful actors Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds bought the place in August 2010, just months before announcing their divorce in December, so we figured they'd either offload pretty quickly or one of them would take possession (the divorce was finalized last summer and the house still appears to belong to both of them). The lovely Buff & Hensman house was built in 1969 and has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, a library, a dining room, a saltwater pool, a flat yard, and an outdoor bath by the master suite. The listing implies that Johansson and Reynolds had a ton of work done on the house: "Totally restored and upgraded to eco-friendly in the last year including solar power," and there are even "plans for [a] second story available." The pair picked up the house for $2.9 million; they're now asking $3.65 million.
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Wong House

2651 Nottingham Pl., Los Angeles, CA