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Rubble Watch at the Golden Key, El Monte Bus Terminal Oops?, The Artist is Only Best Picture Nominee Made in LA

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GLENDALE: We're really getting the blow by blow on the demolition of the Golden Key Hotel (which, as exhaustively chronicled, is being torn down to make way for the Americana at Brand Nordstrom expansion). A reader sends in the latest shots today and writes: "just wanted to share some pics of the old Golden Key Hotel I took this afternoon while strolling at the Americana. Notice the lobby is totally demolished and part of the right side of the hotel has been knocked out. The main sign on Colorado has also been crushed. I am guessing the entire hotel will be dust in a week or so. The bulldozers were moving very fast while I was there."

EL MONTE: Strange things afoot at the under construction El Monte Bus Terminal. A tipster tells us: "The first floor slab (over underground parking?) that was recently poured is being demo'd. About 1/3 of it is gone. Bad batch of concrete?"

LOS ANGELES: Tomorrow, multi-award-winning film The Artist will be getting the first-ever Made in Hollywood Award from City Councilmember Tom LaBonge. From a press release: "Ironically, 'The Artist' -- produced and financed primarily from France -- is the only one of the nine Best Picture Oscar-nominees that was shot exclusively in Los Angeles and Hollywood. Local locations for the film include the Orpheum Theater, the American Film Institute, Cicada Restaurant, the Bradbury Building, the Wilshire Ebell Building and the Paramount and Warner Brothers back-lots, among other recognizable Los Angeles landmarks." Now, when are they going to find an award for that amazing dog? [Curbed Inbox]

The Americana at Brand

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