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Arrested Development: NBC U's Lankershim Studios Dead, Arts District Winterfest Starts Thursday

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It's the new year and Curbed LA needs your juicy new tips. Please hit us up at with any neighborhood gossip you may have happened to get ahold off--tipsters are always kept completely anonymous.

UNIVERSAL CITY: According to a filing out today, developer Thomas Properties Group is dropping plans for the MetroStudios@Lankershim project, which was supposed to create an NBC Universal base and "a magnificently landscaped open plaza" on top of the Universal City Red Line station (the project is adjacent to, but not part of, the Universal City Evolution Plan). Here's the news from the filing: "On December 19, 2011, Thomas Properties Group, Inc. ('TPGI') and NBC Universal Media LLC mutually agreed to terminate further work on the MetroStudios@Lankershim property that was planned for the Universal City area of Los Angeles. In light of NBCU's changing requirements for office and post-production space, the planned MetroStudios@Lankershim project was not considered economically viable at this time. In accordance with the prior agreements between the parties, NBCU has paid TPGI a breakup fee of $9 million in connection with the termination of the development project." [Curbed Inbox]

ARTS DISTRICT: It may have gone down hard in the Curbed Cup, but the Arts District is fancying up just fine without your votes--its Winterfest starts this Thursday. The free four-day event includes play readings, music performances, a video installation and "collaborative large-scale works by street artists Cryptik, Chor Boogie, Vyal, Slick, and Defer." [Curbed Inbox]