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The 5 Most and Least Walkable Stations on Metro Rail

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We can't believe this hadn't been done yet, so props to More Than Red Cars for crunching the numbers and ranking the Metro rail line stations by Walk Score (which places locations on a 100 point scale based on their closeness to certain amenities, like grocery stores). The Purple Line turns out to be the most walkable, with an average Walk Score of 93 (its Wilshire route makes that a pretty easy lock), while the Green Line is the least walkable, with an average score of 57. MTRC has every station in the system, including forthcoming ones along the Expo Line and the Orange Line extension, but here are the bottom and top five:

Metro rail stations with lowest Walk Scores:
5. Lakewood - Green Line - Walk Score 49
4. Aviation/LAX - Green Line - 45
3. Del Amo - Blue Line - 40
3. (tie) 105/110 - Green/Silver Lines - 40
1. Avalon - Green Line - 34

Metro rail stations with the highest Walk Scores:
5. Wilshire/Vermont - Red/Purple Lines - 97
3. Wilshire/Western - Purple Line - 98
3. (tie) Hollywood/Highland - Red Line - 98
1. Memorial Park - Gold Line - 100
1. (tie) Pershing Square - Red/Purple Lines - 100

More Than Red Cars also has parking info for each station (none of the top five have parking), and an earlier Metrolink station Walk Score ranking.
· Metro Rail station walk scores [More Than Red Cars]