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Huntington Beach to Shred at Free Vans Skate Park

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Huntington Beach skaters have a reason to tighten the chin straps on their helmets today, because the city is moving forward with a plan to bring skate company Vans's free skate park to Surf City USA. At a hearing today, the Huntington Beach City Council approved a lease agreement with VF Outdoor Inc. to build the park on about three acres of land by Golden West College (Vans will lease the land for 20 years and pay $1 a year). The 50,000 square foot park "would have a 14,000-square-foot skate park plaza, a 13,000-square-foot skate bowl and a 3,500-square-foot skate shop and concession stand," according to the OC Register. The site will also have "various landscaped areas, parking and a dedicated transit reserve area, which may possibly be a public transportation stop in the future." The city had been trying to bring affordable housing to the site for 20 years, according to an April 2011 story in the OCR, but the previous lessee never produced a project plan that met the city's criteria. Now the city will have to find room for the planned 175 units somewhere else in the city. The city still has to approve the environmental impact report and the final design for the new skate park.
· H.B. approves lease for first free Vans skate [OC Register]