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Moby Starts His Own LA Architecture Blog

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How great is Moby? He makes cool music, he restores awesome old Hollywood Hills houses, and he turns secret tiki bars into secret magic clubs. And now he's starting an LA architecture blog (he calls it "a self-indulgent and fun but pointless new project")! He's the greatest! From the blog:

one of the very odd things about l.a is that the most beautiful architecture in l.a is hidden on tiny streets that very few people will ever see. and the architecture in l.a is, generally, of a very domestic and modest scale (probably facilitating it’s strangeness). new york has big architecture. paris has grand architecure. most cities have big, grand, old, and well documented architecture. l.a has idiosyncratic weirdness. sometimes beautiful. sometimes strange. sometimes painfully banal.

so when i walk/drive around l.a i’ll take pictures of some of the strange, beautiful, ugly, banal, sublime, baffling buildings i come across.

He starts things off with an eclectic set of photos, including the one above of a crazy house "on a tiny street, so apart from it’s neighbors i don’t think too many people have ever seen it’s strange beauty, or beautiful strangeness."
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