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Americana at Brand Expansion Begins, Big Affordable Development Opens in Historic South-Central

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GLENDALE: And thus ends the tale of the Golden Key Hotel. Demolition started yesterday and is expected to wrap up in February; at that point, work can start on the Americana at Brand's Nordstrom-flavored expansion. The 1968 hotel briefly rose to notoriety about a year ago during a bitter battle with Americana developer Caruso Affiliated over its sale. Eventually, all parties settled on a deal, Caruso revealed plans for its Nordstrom, and the telltale green fencing went up a couple weeks ago. After a brief bout of fun with the local fire and police departments, the hotel is now on its way out. The LA Times reports that "Workers are using an excavator and hand tools on the hotel; a vacant brick building next door will be dismantled entirely by hand. The goal is to avoid creating a lot of dust and racket, or accidentally whacking any of the Americana's existing buildings, which neighbor the hotel on three sides." Bricks from that neighboring building will be incorporated into the Nordstrom building, which is set to open in the fall of 2013. [Curbed Inbox/LAT]

HISTORIC SOUTH-CENTRAL: The ribbon was cut yesterday on the first phase of the Crossings on 29th Street, an affordable Crafstman-style development that will eventually bring 550 affordable rental and condo units, retail, and community facilities to a former industrial site at Twenty-Ninth Street near San Pedro Street, adjacent to the 28th Street Elementary School. The complex also has a 2,000 square foot rec center with computer lab, lounge, kitchen, and laundry, plus outdoor barbecues and playground. Phase I includes 24 two-bedrooms and 10 three-bedroom apartments, all with patios or balconies, Energy star appliances, and gas ranges. The project will be built in five phases. [Curbed Inbox]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210