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Does Ron Burkle Want to Build a Soho House Hotel in WeHo?

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Earlier this month, billionaire investor Ron Burkle closed on a controlling share in the Soho House Group, which owns, duh, the Soho Houses in West Hollywood, London, and other fancy places the world over. Burkle's investment company Yucaipa also has headquarters down the street from WeHo's Soho House, on Sunset just west of Doheny Dr., and The Hollywood Reporter is hearing that he might try to build a Soho House-branded hotel on the site: "A real estate source said that Burkle...has had conversations with hotel operators about building a hotel at his 0.75-acre site at 9130 Sunset Blvd. The source believes Burkle, 59, plans to build a Soho House hotel." Meanwhile, a Soho House source says "that roughly five years ago, the company had a discussion with Burkle about building a Soho House and possibly hotel rooms on his West Hollywood property. However, this person believes that Burkle does not have plans for such a project." So who knows? There is a stand-alone Soho House hotel in London, and other clubs have hotel rooms that are open to nonmembers. Burkle's been up to some flashy stuff lately (businesswise, as opposed to his long-standing flashy social antics)--he's also bidding on the Dodgers and recently saved the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Ennis House in Los Feliz.
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