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LAPD Tells Real Estate Agents to Quit Using Unmanned Drones

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For those real estate agents using military-style intelligence gathering tactics in the pursuit of the next big deal, the LAPD is ready to crack down--they're getting a little concerned about the use of drone aircraft to take aerial listing photos and are warning agents not to use images acquired from these James Bond-style tactics. Could this spell the end for the showy aerial listing shot? The LA Times quotes Police Sgt. George Gonzalez: "We are just trying to inform the public to ensure that before hiring these companies to operate these aircraft in federal airspace, that they are abiding by the federal regulations to ensure safety." And the federal regulations are pretty tight: they "prohibit the operation of unmanned aircraft in U.S airspace without specific permission, though the rules do allow hobbyists to fly model planes in designated areas." The practice piqued the interest of the LAPD following a television news report showing a "basketball-sized object with multiple rotors hovering over an expansive Westside residence." Down below, a video on how the drone shots work and why real estate agents love them.

Helicam in CNBC from HELICAMPERU on Vimeo.

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