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Edgecliffe Terr. Homes Do Super-Green Near Sunset Junction

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Location: Edgecliffe Terrace in Silver Lake
Size: 4 single family houses
Prices: $745,000 - $795,000
Architect: Green City Building Company
Developer: Green City Building Company

While there are major apartmentification plans in the works for the area around Sunset Junction, the Edgecliffe Terrace Homes are working a different, older angle a little ways south--the four houses were built under the city's Small Lot Subdivision Ordinance, a favorite on the eastish-side that allows developers to build several detached single-family houses on one lot. All of the Edgecliffe units have three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms, attached two-car garages, and roof decks. They're also all loaded up on sustainable features, with "energy efficient envelopes, passive solar orientation and thermal chimneys, energy star appliances, tankless water heaters, dual zone hvac, solar electric systems, pre-wiring for electric car charging, and low- and no-voc finishes." Units 1372 and 1374.5 also have their own yards. Individual prices are down below; there are no HOAs.

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Edgecliffe Terrace Homes

1372 Edgecliff Terr., Los Angeles, CA Visit Website