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Silver Lake's Reservoir For Sale, Mac & Cheeza Leaves Downtown, DIY Pizza on Sawtelle, Eater Vegas is Here

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SILVER LAKE: Are you hardworking? Ambitious? Do you have what it takes to feed hungry hipsters every day? If so, Reservoir on Silver Lake Blvd. is up for sale for a cool $1.4 million. You know you want it.

DOWNTOWN/EAGLE ROCK: Mac & Cheeza on Eighth is shutting down because the place was too successful and the landlord upped the rent, the owners claim. You'll be able to get your fix at Larkin's in Eagle Rock, as the restaurant plans on opening a quick M&C service spot.

LITTLE OSAKA: With the success of 800º in Westwood--sort of a Chipotle for pizza--the DIY pie place fever spreads west, where Clusi Batusi will open on Sawtelle. They're shooting for an early summer opening.

LAS VEGAS: We've waited a long time for this, but finally Eater Vegas is open for business. Vegas may not have many things--neighborhoods, museums, shorelines--but it does have great restaurants and chefs. Writer Susan Stapleton is at the helm.
· Eater LA [Official Site]