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Burbank Water and Power Greening Up Its Old Substations

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Images via Heliophoto/AHBE

BURBANK: In the next few days, Burbank Water and Power will debut the first phase of its new EcoCampus, which turned an old brownfield industrial site into something literally and figuratively a little greener (it's in the SITES pilot program, which is sort of like LEED for landscaping). After BWP built a new power plant in 2005, it brought in AHBE Landscape Architects to redesign the whole campus--they added rooftop gardens, several water reclamation and filtration systems, and "An architectural solar array [that] pays homage to both the Art Deco heritage of the building and the City’s historical ties to aviation," according to a press release. They also converted an old substation into a giant trellis. The campus has three LEED Platinum buildings, including the state's first LEED Platinum warehouse and a restored Art Deco administration building, plus, ya know, a power plant (it's fueled by natural gas). [Curbed Inbox]