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Which Sheep or Zombie Will Close the Newhall Pass Today?

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Santa Clarita Valley blog SCVTalk (via LAObserved) has had enough of the frequent, sometimes tragic, sometimes wacky, shutdowns of the Newhall Pass--the stretch of I-5 that connects the Santa Clarita and San Fernando valleys was most recently closed by an overturned Orange truck--so they came up with a wheel to predict why the pass might shut down on a given day (and they expect it will be). Options include "Ginormous Fire", ".5 inches of rain," "Spilled truckload of eggs or bananas," and "Plague of Locusts." At least commuters don't need to worry about the additional traffic that would have fed to I-5 if the 5,500 housing units of the Las Lomas development had been built. But then again, they can still dread the 5,499 new housing units coming to Newhall Ranch in the near future.
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