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Provocatively Priced Bungalow Flip in Highland Park

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Apart from some of the listing pix being a bit too HDR-happy, we were duly impressed by the looks of this new Highland Park offering from the whippersnapper-flippers at Extraordinary Real Estate--especially after checking out the "before" photos from when the property was last on the market. The thoroughly remodeled bungalow features three bedrooms, two baths, hardwood floors, a fireplace in the living room, walk-in closets, a clawfoot tub, central heat and A/C, a modernized kitchen, and detached studio/garage. Purchased for $240,000 last June, the 1,581 square foot home is now listed at $99,000. Yes, you read that right: $99K, which breaks down to $63/square foot. We asked Extraordinary R.E.'s Matt Manner what gives, and received this explanation via email: "We listed Garrison low to let the buyers decide what they'd like to pay to prove a point (it will adjust to market value anyway). It's open this Sunday from 1-4pm and we are going to have a taco dude there. We will review offers next Wednesday after the open." While this provocative gambit is sure to go over like a lead zeppelin in some quarters, we can't deny that we're very curious to see how it plays out. Let's hope they don't run out of tacos!
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