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Peek Into the Embassy Hotel, Sepulveda VA Groundbreaking

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DOWNTOWN: Oops, someone left the door open at the old Embassy Hotel and Trinity Auditorium and a reader snuck in for a peek: "The Embassy Hotel/Trinity Auditorium on Grand and Ninth had its door unlocked recently and peeking inside the grandeur was very evident." He passes along this pic. There's been a lot of work going on at the building lately, and it's long been rumored that owners Chetrit Group want to turn it into a boutique hotel. We got another look inside a few years ago. [Curbed Inbox]

NORTH HILLS: The Sepulveda VA announced today that it's holding a groundbreaking on February 3 for the controversial Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, which will create "fully furnished [housing] units with full kitchens and a dining area," plus support services, for 147 disabled and/or formerly homeless veterans. Both the area's congressman, Brad Sherman, and city councilmember, Mitch Englander, oppose the project (Sherman thinks there wasn't enough transparency; Englander thinks it won't help enough veterans). According to a press release, the developers have a goal to hire 10 percent veteran-owned contractors and subcontractors, and to provide job training to vets during construction. Work will take about two years. [Curbed Inbox]

Embassy Hotel

831 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA