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The Hollywood Target Project is Back on the Scene

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Did you think Target had packed up and abandoned Hollywood for more hospitable neighborhoods like Westwood and Downtown? Nope, they're still in the game and have come back--after a year and a half--with a draft environmental impact report on the project, which is slated for a vacant stripmall on Sunset, between St. Andrews Pl. and Western. The city actually approved the project back in June 2010, but after a couple of locals filed lawsuits, Target surrendered its entitlements (high drama!) in August that year and said they'd do a full environmental analysis of the proposed store. The draft EIR looks at the original project, which includes 194,749 square feet on three levels, with parking on the ground and second floors. The Target would be 163,862 square feet on the third level, and other retail/restaurant uses would take up 30,887 square feet on the ground level along Sunset and Western. The project would also have a roof terrace on the second level, escalators at Sunset/Western, and 458 parking spaces. It's set to rise about 78 feet, which didn't sit well with the neighbors who filed suit. The plan for the area limits commercial projects to 35 feet in the area, so the EIR also considers a series of alternatives that address that requirement.

Besides a "no project" alternative, the EIR also looks at four other options for building a Target at the site:

-- Alternative 4 meets the 35 foot height maximum by moving the second level of parking underground and moving the Target to the second level.

-- Alternative 5 turns the project into a mixed-use development, which would mean it could be taller. That project would include a 150,000 square foot groundfloor Target, one level of underground parking with 257 spaces, and 150 residential units and 309 parking spaces on three levels above the Target

-- Alternative 6 takes out the extra groundfloor retail spaces and creates a 149,400 square foot, groundfloor Target with 526 parking spaces in two levels of underground parking.

-- Alternative 7 also scraps the groundfloor retail and creates a 147,800 square foot, groundfloor Target with 480 parking spaces in two levels above ground.

After the "no project" option, alternative seven was found to be the environmentally superior option. Public comment is open on the EIR through March 5.
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Hollywood Target

5220 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA