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1911 Hollywood Hills House Once Owned By Harrison Ford

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According to its listing, this rustic abode in the Hollywood Hills once belonged to Harrison Ford. No further Ford-related tidbits are forthcoming, but given that the 3,000 square foot house was originally built in 1911, we'd like to imagine that it afforded the rugged actor plenty of opportunity to practice his well-known carpentry skills, as well as the delivery of lines involving the safety of his character's wife and/or family. Located on a 1.07 acre lot west of the 101, the property features three bedrooms, three and a half baths, hardwood floors, beamed ceilings, French doors, a fireplace, built-in storage, wraparound balconies, a large deck, and a grassy yard. Asking price is $1.25 million.
· 7101 WOODROW WILSON Dr [Redfin]