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Showdown Brewing Over Plans for 70 Units in Alhambra

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A typical showdown between locals and a planned community is just getting started in Alhambra, reports the Pasadena Star-News. At issue is a plan by developer City Ventures to build a 70 unit development in the Midwick Tract neighborhood at the site of the recently-shuttered Alhambra Retirement Community. Following initial outreach to the community, the developer has already scaled back the number of planned units from 93 to 70 (the new plan calls for 33 townhouses and 37 single-family houses)--the developer even nixed nine luxury houses. Those changes aren't enough for members of the Preserve Midwick group, who are concerned about traffic (of course). Writing in the Alhambra Source earlier this month, PM member Elizabeth Salinas says she thinks the project is too big and may not even be necessary at all: "City Ventures’ proposed high-density housing project threatens to disrupt our tranquility by bringing with it an increase in noise, traffic congestion, parking nightmares, safety concerns, pollution and a whole host of other problems we don’t want or need."
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