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Good News For Subway: No Active Faults Found Under BHHS Yet

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Back in October, Metro released expert-authored geotechnical reports on seismic activity near the Purple Line extension's proposed Century City station. The findings uncovered active fault lines underneath parts of Santa Monica Blvd. that would make a subway station there unfeasible. A station at Constellation and Avenue of the Stars appeared, then, to be the better option, though that would require tunneling underneath Beverly Hills High School; the studies indicated that, because of a lack of active faults near the high school, that could be done safely. The Beverly Hills Unified School District announced in December that they would be doing their own seismic testing in the area and, with eighty percent of their trenching done, no active faults have been found near the high school, reports the Beverly Hills Weekly (pdf). In short, this bolsters Metro's argument for a station at Constellation and should allay some fears about tunneling under the high school.

Board of Education President Brian Goldberg sounded pleased with the news, which makes it easier to expand the school and to build something, like parking, underground. "We're going to continue doing our work, and hopefully we'll find that there are no active faults running through [Beverly Hills High], which will enable us to fully develop that site in the future," Goldberg told the Weekly. Though there's still testing to be done on the northern part of campus, "The preliminary data looks promising."

This seems all so civil and rational. Where is the outrage and the accusations of secret conspiracies? Well, we probably won't have to wait long--Metro will be releasing the final environmental impact report on the Purple Line extension project any minute.
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