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The Glowing, Foggy, Rapidly Disappearing SaMo Airport Art

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

If you want to see "Disappearing Environments," by the art-chitects at Silver Lake's Materials & Applications and artist Judy Chicago, you might want to hustle over to Santa Monica's Barker Hangar. Word is that it will have completely vanished into thin air by tomorrow morning (or you can just stay where you are and click through this handy photo gallery). The piece is part of (what else?) Pacific Standard Time, the mega survey of mid-century SoCal art, which is kicking off a ten-day sub-festival of performance and public art. "Disappearing Environments" is a recreation of a piece by Chicago, Lloyd Hamrol, and Eric Orr, originally staged in Century City in 1968. The blocks you see are made of compressed carbon dioxide, aka dry ice. Meanwhile, inside the hangar, the Art Los Angeles Contemporary fair is going on all weekend.
· Disappearing Environments, by Judy Chicago and Materials & Applications [PST]