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Lots of Work at Silver Lake Paul Williams, Birth of the SigAlert

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SILVER LAKE: The Paul Williams-designed house on Redcliff Street in Silver Lake's Moreno Highlands opened to mixed reviews (love it or hate it) on Curbed in September 2010. It ended up selling at the end of that year for $2.1 million and now a reader reports there's action afoot: "[T]he new owners have been going to town. I drive by everyday, and for months there have been at least 15 contractor vehicles and a beehive of activity. See the attached photo [above]. All the plants in the front were removed and new mature trees installed. Lots of interior work, and new roof tiles. If the last renovation changed too much, I fear the worst from this one." The Department of Building & Safety website reveals there's been some permit pulling in the last few months--looks like the new owners are switching out 36 windows and 11 doors, replacing roof tiles and drywall, doing a bathroom remodel, and putting in a gas line for a firepit/future barbecue. At the least. [Curbed Inbox/LADBS]

DOWNTOWN: We love a Tom LaBonge press release; if it weren't for the city councilmember, we wouldn't know half the LA fun facts we do. His latest announces the anniversary of the SigAlert: "In 1955, former U.S Army Signal Corps engineer Lloyd C. 'Sig' Sigmon, working for Gene Autry’s KMPC Radio, developed a specialized radio receiver and reel-to-reel tape recorder that could – triggered by a special tone – record LAPD dispatch information on a traffic-accident. The information was then broadcast to steer listeners around tie-ups." KMPC broadcast the very first SigAlert on January 22, 1955. This Monday (Jan. 23), LaBonge and officials from Caltrans, LADOT, Metro, CHP, the Auto Club, and more will hold a new conference in front of the Caltrans building Downtown to mark the occasion. [Curbed Inbox]