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Metro's Plan to Link Up All the County's Bike Sharing Programs

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While communities from Santa Monica to Long Beach are planning bike share programs--where folks can swipe a credit card and rent a bike from a docking station--Metro is looking at options to weave them all together so you don't have to worry about pedaling past city limits. Streetsblog reports on a hearing yesterday of Metro's Planning and Programming Committee, at which members voted to move forward "a bike share strategy for the agency that would create a mechanism for municipalities and cities to work together and create a county-wide bike share plan"; it next moves to the full board. Before the hearing, operators of three bike shares demonstrated what the programs are all about (though you'd think Metro would be familiar with the concept by now, as cities like Paris and Washington, DC have had them for years and they've been considering such a program since at least 2008). Long Beach and LA already have millions set aside to establish bike shares in their downtowns in the next few years, while Santa Monica has big plans--500 bikes and 50 docking stations--but not until 2016 or '17. Update: We happened to run into the planners on this one last night and they inform us that people will have to return the bikes in the same city they got them from. So no one-way rides from the beach to DTLA.
· County Wide Bike Share? Metro Committee Says "Yes, We Can" [Streetsblog]