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Surfer Brings Fake "Meteor Hellstorm" Down on Sunset Point

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If you hate Will Rogers State Beach for some reason, or just love watching LA get fake-destroyed (guilty), then you will definitely be into this supercreepy video made by a surfer and shot mostly at Sunset Point in Pacific Palisades (he writes on YouTube that there are also bits from Pitas Point and C Street in Ventura). The filmmaker says it took him about a year to make the whole thing because he was learning the software ("The effects were done in Maya, motion tracking in Mocha, and compositing in After Effects") and here's what he imagined is going on: "The machines in the distance are oil rigs, their cylindrical legs allow them to walk/float anywhere in the ocean and have sucked the Earth dry like locusts. The airships aren't an invading force, but a massive evacuation by other humans trying in vain to escape the meteor hellstorm raining down. The surfers decided to stay behind and if this is their last day alive, they're going to die doing what they love. If they live through it, they'll be the custodians of a new earth."

· Apocalypse Later, Surf Now [YouTube]