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Simpsons Co-Creator Selling Rustic Canyon House Designed By and For Architect Thornton Abell

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Case Study architect Thornton Abell designed this Rustic Canyon residence for himself in 1937. According to our sources, the three bedroom, four bath home, which David Gebhard and Robert Winter describe as "a gem of the regionalized International Style" in their Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles, is owned by Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon. Simon, who founded a charity dedicated to training mutts rescued from shelters as guide animals, appears to have let the place go to the dogs, proverbial or otherwise--per the listing, the property "is in need of major repair and the later guesthouse addition should be considered a tear-down." D'oh! Nevertheless, the listing also states that the 2,778 square foot home "went into escrow before processing and [is] taking backup offers." The pedigreed fixer appeared on the market last February asking $2.995 million; its current price tag shows a considerable markdown, to $1.995 million. *Listing history updated at 8:08 p.m.*
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