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Here's the Proposed Gay City Council District Map

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STUDIO CITY/SILVER LAKE/WEHO-ADJACENT: Last week we found out that the Los Angeles Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay Republican group, is lobbying for a gay-focused City Council district. The Redistricting Commission is currently working on a new Council District map and hearing public input now. Today the LCR sent out a press release with their proposed map, which they say will "unify the three largest gay and lesbian clusters in the City into a single district" (they put those clusters in Studio City, Silver Lake, and "the border-regions of West Hollywood"). The also argue that their proposal "maintains the number of majority-minority districts for Latino and African Americans and increases the number of minority-influenced seats, while adding a sixth majority-Valley district and striving to keep neighborhoods intact within Council District boundaries." On top of that, they say it keeps "the residents most highly impacted by major city assets," like the Grove, the proposed Downtown NFL stadium, and the LAX flight path, in the Council District with that asset. [Curbed Inbox]