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Meet Some of the Giant Faces of Street Artist JR's LA Work

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JR is the French street artist known for his huge pasted-up photo of faces, often older faces. In 2011, he won the TED Prize, which comes with $100,000 and a wish (he wished for a world-wide do-it-yourself art project called "Inside Out."). For the LA leg of his "Wrinkles of the City" project, he put up about 20 works, from Venice to Downtown, showing bits and pieces of older Angelenos. As the LA Weekly reported last year, "JR chooses his subjects and locations carefully, spending time with the locals shooting black-and-white portraits." In this new video, via Hustler of Culture, we meet some of JR's LA subjects, see his work going up on, and take a driving tour of some of his local pieces.

· The Wrinkles Of The City, Los Angeles by JR [YouTube]