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John Chase WeHo Walking Tour, No Smoking at the Grove

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: Last May, design booster group Design East of La Brea hosted a West Hollywood walking tour in honor of the city's late, wonderful urban designer John Chase. Now DeLaB has released a map of "31 West Hollywood destinations that John designed, protected, enabled, approved, admired or frequented, along with descriptions, stories and anecdotes written by John's friends and collaborators," so you can do your own Chase walking tour. Keith Scharwath designed the map, which is printed in pink ink "sourced from one of John's outfits." Get a copy here. And while you're at it, DeLaB has some fun stuff coming up this weekend and next week. [Curbed Inbox]

FAIRFAX: You know how you love shopping at Kiehl's, riding the trolley to Maggiano's for some manicotti, then lighting up a nice Pall Mall while you watch the fountain waters dance? Well, those days are over, friends. The Grove has gone smoke free, according to City Councilmember Tom LaBonge's latest newsletter: "The Park at The Grove has long been a smoke-free zone. The Grove’s new policy covers the entire property including outdoor dining areas." [Patch]

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