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See the Greenness Levels in the 3 Plans For New City Hall Lawn

The Department of Recreation and Parks has launched a website to document the process of rebuilding the City Hall grounds post-Occupy LA encampment. The work will cover the small north lawn area, the area along Spring Street, and the large south lawn and park area. There are three potential options for the new grounds and new renderings of each on the city website (which notes that the options "will be refined as the design process proceeds"), but there's only one plan for the north lawn. Here are all the latest details:

North Lawn
- Remove all turf
- Plant low water use plants
- Put in decomposed granite paths between the Temple and Spring St. entrances
- Redesign the irrigation system

Option 1
- Replace all the old grass with new grass
- Repair damaged irrigation system

Option 2
- Replace grass in the three sections of the park closest to Spring St.
- Bigger planting areas by First St.
- New low water use planting areas and new grass right by the building
- Repair damaged irrigation system for the grassy areas and put in a new system for the areas near the building
- Decomposed granite paths "near the perimeter of the building"

Option 3
- Low water use planting areas next to the building
- Decomposed granite paths around the building's perimeter
- Grassy areas around the perimeter of the three areas closest to Spring St.
- Low water use planting at the corners of the three areas closest to Spring
- Decomposed granite in the center of the three areas closest to Spring
- Completely redesigned irrigation system

According to the LA Times, the Downtown LA Neighborhood Council selected option two in a straw poll last week.
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