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Check Out the Scene at Skid Row's Free Public Enemy Show

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Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Despite a lot of conflicting reports, permit troubles, and performer cancellations, the Operation Skid Row Music Festival went off yesterday, with Public Enemy, Kurupt, Nipsey Hussle, Yo-Yo, and several other acts rocking Skid Row from a stage at Gladys Avenue and Sixth Street (Cypress Hill had been supposed to play the festival, but according to Chuck D, their DJ was out of town.). The "festival" (not a concert, for permitting reasons) was organized by PE's Chuck D and Skid Row activist General Jeff to bring attention and outsiders to the neighborhood, and to do something fun for the residents there. Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels tells us the vibe at the festival was peaceful, with "very light but appropriate police presence" on the perimeters of the event. She adds that she thinks eighties act Egyptian Lover was the standout of the day.

If the spotlight on Skid Row makes you want to help, consider donating time or money to the Midnight Mission or the Downtown Women's Center, local orgs that help homeless men and women find housing and jobs.

Meanwhile, here is Public Enemy bringing the noise yesterday:

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