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1929 Spanish in the Fairfax District Has Its Pros and Cons

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Let's just get the bad stuff we can see in this listing out of the way up front, shall we? Numero uno: the kitchen. As they say in the pages of MAD magazine, blecch! Numero dos: the bars on the windows. And numero tres: the postage stamp-sized yard. Now, on to the good stuff. We're enchanted by the 1929 Spanish-style house's beautiful stenciled beams, its high ceilings, romantic balcony, elaborate tile, and wrought iron work. Other selling points of the three bedroom, two bath property include a rather grand fireplace in the living room, hardwood floors, French windows, and a gated courtyard. Located within walking distance of the Grove, it's listed at $899,000.
· 7155 OAKWOOD Ave [Redfin]