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LA is Most Popular City For Europeans Looking to Move to US

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Moving from Europe to LA: it's not just for interwar intellectuals like Bertolt Brecht and Arnold Schoenberg anymore! Trulia, which previously found that Angelenos are secretly all yearning to move to Riverside, has crunched the numbers on house searches coming out of the European Union and found that LA was the number one place EUers were looking to move in the fourth quarter of 2011. (Trulia actually set out to find if EUers were still looking to move to the US as their economy collapsed around them--they looked at first quarter 2011 data vs. fourth quarter 2011 data and found that interest went up in a lot of countries. Greece, the most troubled of all, had the biggest increase in US househunting.) The UK and Germany were the top searchers, but apparently Austrians love SoCal and "Several Southern California cities made it on their top list, including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Riverside."

· Buying the American Dream with Euros [Trulia]