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Downtown's Water Grill Redux, Torrance Chick-fil-A, Game Over for Vodvil, Closures at Santa Monica's The Market

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DOWNTOWN: Water Grill's $1.5 million makeover is not quite finished; Eater thinks it'll be at least two weeks before you can eat king crab under the new tin ceiling. There are also white subway tiles and new wooden flooring, and a fresh floor plan that opens the whole place up.

TORRANCE: Chick-fil-A opened its new Torrance location today (no word if there were protests like in Hollywood).

FAIRFAX: After a flashy opening in July, the Vodvil gaming parlor/restaurant is closing Sunday. Sadly, most Angelenos don't have time for gimmicky stuff. Maybe Portland?

SANTA MONICA: Rockenwagner Bakery and Beachy Cream, two of the main tenants at The Market, the Fanueil Hall-type joint on the top floor of Santa Monica Place, have shuttered. While it seems like a no-brainer, The Market's location is a little removed from much of the dining action on the popular open-air deck.
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