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LA Won't Take Responsibility For Redevelopment Projects

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Fresh to the inbox, a statement from City Councilmember Paul Krekorian: "Today, the Council voted against the City becoming the successor agency to the [Community Redevelopment Agency] to take over its operations as it winds down." More on that move, which would've had the city finishing up in-the-works redevelopment projects, here. Commenter pickleandcake also has a report from the meeting: "By a vote of 9 to 3, Council just voted to NOT be the successor agency currently - but to try and see if could reconfigure liability somehow via state legislation (or something?) with [Councilmember Herb] Wesson leading charge to not become successor agency, [Eric] Garcetti voicing concern for some specific Hollywood projects (primarily parks), [Jan] Perry wanting to start some kind of downtown only development corporation."

This means that either the County or a state panel will be responsible for closing things out at the CRA/LA, which, along will all state redevelopment agencies, was killed in a state supreme court decision made a few weeks ago. It's still unclear what CRA/LA projects will survive the shutdown, but the agency tweeted a breakdown of the types of "endangered" projects (above), which shows housing, public infrastructure, and community and public facilities representing the bulk of the lost funds. The agency also has this list of "at risk" projects, which has been out for a while now. Update: According to City Maven, the CRA/LA has 86 projects in the works, 29 of which are currently under construction.
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