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3D Simulation of University Park, Sales Check at The Hollywood

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UNIVERSITY PARK: William Chun of the Community Redevelopment Agency sends along this pretty awesome 3D simulation of the area around USC (in both flyover and street-level flavors). He says this kind of thing is helpful in illustrating planning concepts for locals, developers, and others involved in development projects. It'll also give you a good idea of what the CRA's up to in light of all the news about the city cutting the agency loose. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Sales at The Hollywood condos on Yucca St. restarted in September, so how's it going? A rep says that two penthouse units have closed--one for $858,000 and one for $1.135 million. He adds that sales in the early months were aimed at existing tenants (some of the units were being leased out while sales were on hold) and referrals, but a bigger marketing push is coming. [Curbed Inbox]

The Hollywood

6735 Yucca St., Los Angeles, CA 90028