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"The Red Line" is Transit-Friendly Successor to "Walking in LA"

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A few decades after Missing Persons dumped all over anyone who would be caught dead walking in LA, punk/metal band It's Casual released "The Red Line," which expresses what seems like the proper amount of rage at LA's freeways. The song is on the band's 2008 album The New Los Angeles, but has what looks like a new video, posted today by blogger (and non-driver) Alissa Walker. According to It's Casual's MySpace page, the whole album is about, natch, LA today: "The album launches with the title track, which reveals a lack of communication amongst residents...'L.A.P.D.' speaks of law enforcement’s scramble (and sometimes failure) to protect a city bursting at its seams and 'Navigator' points the finger at those who parade the streets with just a façade of wealth." It's Casual's lead singer, Edward Solis, does not have a driver's license and, according to the band page, commutes from "eastern Los Angeles" to Hollywood via public transit.

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