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1950s Ranch Time Capsule in Coldwater Canyon

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Wally, go fetch the Beaver--looks like we found ourselves a nifty fifties time capsule. Located just north of Coldwater Canyon Park, this four-bedroom traditional ranch-style home sports wood-paneled walls, pink bathroom tile, a two-sided brick fireplace, a sun room with brick-oven barbecue, and wainscoting up the wazoo. Admittedly, the overhead kitchen lighting and diagonally-patterned floor tile are a bit migraine-inducing, but most of the other decorative elements are quite charming--we're especially smitten with the fruit wallpaper, gingham curtains, and scalloped window treatments. Asking price for the 3,194 square foot residence is $1.695 million.
·1139 COLDWATER CANYON Dr [Redfin]