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Umansky, Rose, and Chang Launch New Brokerage The Agency

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The rumors are true: brokers Mauricio Umansky, Billy Rose, and Blair Chang are all leaving their respective firms to start The Agency, which sounds like a Matt Damon movie (meaning we love it). The Real Estalker first started hearing gossip about the firm yesterday and the official website appeared in our inbox overnight. Tagline? "Redefining Real Estate." Umansky, late of Hilton & Hyland's Umansky Group, is known for three things--being a big deal in high-end Beverly Hills and BHPO real estate, being married to Hilton-in-law/Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards, and being irresistible to lots of gay men. Rose and Chang, late of Prudential's Rose + Chang, are known for their design and architecture savvy--Rose has actually done design work on some of the pair's listings. In a statement on the new firm's website, Umansky says he just wants all the brokers to get along.

Here's Umansky's explanation of what he hopes The Agency will do, via the website: "I think the current real estate brokerage model is broken. What you have now is a bunch of mini-companies all competing with one another under one brokerage roof. At The Agency, we're creating a culture where agents collaborate in partnership and are proud of what their colleagues are doing, rather than looking for ways to stab them in the back. In essence, we are a family who all struggle, celebrate and have fun together."

The Agency is setting up shop on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.
· The Agency [Official Site]