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Santa Monica Shows Off Its RV Parking Ban Right In Front of Venice

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Santa Monica is putting up new parking restriction signs to enforce its overnight parking districts and neighbor blog Yo! Venice! is feeling a little left out. The blog posted photos of a new sign that made its debut this morning at Ozone and Seventh--right on the border between Venice and Santa Monica--informing potential violators of the rules in Santa Monica (which forbid large vehicles, like RVs, from parking overnight or in residential areas). Not lost on the blog is that the signs face Venice, which has no such legal restrictions regulating the RVs that can take up residence on local streets for weeks at a time. Venice doesn't have them because the California Coastal Commission overturned a vote by Venice residents to enact overnight parking districts like those in place in Santa Monica; a later attempt at a settlement failed.
· Santa Monica Flaunts Coastal Commission Favor [Yo! Venice!]