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Do-Gooding Eagle Rock Dodgeballers, Spaghetti Factory Fencing, Oyler Wu's SCI-Arc Pavilion

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EAGLE ROCK: We had no idea that the clever Eagle Rock Yacht Club was just using dodgeball as a do-gooder Trojan Horse. The club actually recruits hipsters and other post-collegiates to help staff and fund rec and other youth-oriented programs around the city (and to play dodgeball). And they've hit the big time, talking about their mission in an ad for smartphones--so the idealism-cynicism balance remains intact. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: A reader noticed that the fencing was down around the Old Spaghetti Factory site at Sunset and Gordon. CIM Group recently bought the property and plans to build an already-entitled mixed-use tower, but not just yet. A rep for CIM tells us there's no timeline for the project right now and that the old fence was just being replaced. [Curbed Inbox]

ARTS DISTRICT: It's Thesis Weekend at SCI-Arc, when you can go check out all the baby architects' wild and wonderful projects. Graduate thesis presentations will run through the weekend, with the work on display until September 13. Thom Mayne gives the commencement address on Sunday in a graduation pavilion designed by Oyler Wu Collaborative. [Curbed Inbox]


960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013

Old Spaghetti Factory

5939 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA