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Suspiciously Cheap Junior One-Bedroom in Historic Andalusia Building

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The great and terrible thing about Craigslist is that there are in fact treasures and bargains to be found therein--if you happen to be looking at precisely the right moment. The just-plain-terrible thing about Craigslist is that it's also a fertile breeding ground for scams, bait-and-switches, and shameless misrepresentation. Due to the latter aspect, this ad for a one-bedroom in the historic Andalusia building (on the border between West Hollywood and the Hills) is making our spider-sense tingle, but thanks to the former, we are compelled to share it with you anyway. The Nationally Registered Andalusia is one of eight courtyard complexes designed by self-taught husband-and-wife team Arthur and Nina Zwebell, and according to Stefanos Polyzoides' Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles, "perhaps their most accomplished." We've never seen a unit in the 1926 complex advertised at anything less than $3,000/month rent--that is, until now. But if this Craigslist posting is to be believed, a "ground floor character junior apartment" featuring "dark hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, dishwasher, laundry room, secure entry, permit parking, authentic Spanish tiled bathroom and kitchen" will be available come October 1 for the (relatively) low, low price of $1,750/month. Caveat emptor!
· $1750 / 1br - Fabulose Furnished/unfurnished One bedroom Pied-a-Terre [Craigslist]