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Carpenters Shaming Rick Caruso, Bicycle Film Fest Kicks Off Tonight

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BEVERLY GROVE: A tipster spotted this scene on La Cienega, by the construction site for developer Rick Caruso's 8500 Burton Way project. The protesters were handing out a flyer (below) explaining that Caruso Affiliated is contracting with a construction company that doesn't meet labor standards for carpenters. The flyer says: "Carpenters Local 209 believes that Caruso Affiliated has an obligation to the community to see that area labor standards are met for construction work at all their projects, including any future work." [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: The Bicycle Film Festival kicks off its seventh year in Los Angeles tonight with a Bikes Rock concert at Silver Lake's El Cid. The Downtown Independent theater will host bike-themed shorts and documentaries tomorrow and through the weekend--those include the Wolfpack Marathon Crash Race, which chronicles cyclists hitting the closed-off LA Marathon route the night before the race (a DIY CicLAvia). The BFF will also hold a Street Party on Sunday, the event's closing day, at a parking lot on Spring and Fourth. Info and tickets here. [Curbed Inbox]

8500 Burton

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