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Santa Monica House Stealthily Covered in Street Art For Heal the Bay

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This morning, plastic sheeting came down off a house in northeast Santa Monica and instead of a freshly-renovated house, neighbors and other gawkers found 150 wood panels painted with save the oceans messages by big-time street artists Risk and Retna. Nice switch-up there by builder Adam Corlin, a long-time Heal the Bay volunteer. He bought the rundown three-story house earlier this year and is planning on renovating it, but in the meantime he thought he'd add some color to the neighborhood and raise a little awareness--the piece is called the Oceans at Risk house. The artists (you may remember Retna from his recent work at the West Hollywood Library) and others spent two months under tarps secretly covering the panels with bright colors and cryptic lettering. LA Taco was there for the unveiling today and has more detail phots and this description of the collab: "A stunning array of RISK color washes over the house like a psychedelic sunset over the sea, while the cryptic typography of RETNA spells out a message of hope and vigilance for the oceans." The art will be up through September 17, Heal the Bay's Coastal Cleanup Day, and can be reused.