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Sticks and Stones

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Floating around the Twitterverse today is a Google Document with a database that allows users to browse and share nicknames for cities around the world. Twitterer kelsosCorner announced the shared the document a few hours ago, but the number of cities in the database is already growing quickly. Included in the nicknames database are Los Angeles (LA, City of Angels, Tinseltown, La-La Land, LAX, Hell A, Southland), Burbank (Media Capital of the World), Bakersfield (California's Country Music Capital), San Diego (America's Finest City, Blandiego, Whales [redacted]), and Santa Barbara (The American Riviera, The Barb, The 805, SB, Santa Bruta, Silicon Beach). Conspicuously absent so far: Long Beach (the LBC!), Malibu (the 'Bu!), and Santa Monica (the People's Republic!). [Google Docs]