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Fairfax William Kesling Now With Less Houndstooth, Lower Price

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Aw, pour one out for the controversial houndstooth-upholstered booth. The William Kesling-designed three bedroom in the Fairfax district has been "Reduced, Restaged, reinvented!," which means goodbye to the funky decor and hello to beige (and some animal prints to keep it real). We also now have shots of the bathrooms and kitchen, some of which have pretty fabulous tiling. The house was built for silent movie star and one-time Gloria Swanson husband Wallace Beery--it was listed in July asking $1.075 million and was chopped in late July to $999,000. It overwhelmingly won last weekend's poll of houses asking $999,000 and now it's even cheaper than that--latest asking price is $975,000.
· By William Kesling, For Old Timey Star Wallace Beery in Fairfax [Curbed LA]