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Here's the Hollywood Living Room That Was Once Reagan's Office

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The Republican presidential candidates will be up in Simi Valley tonight for a debate at the Reagan Presidential Library and there's sure to be a worldwide spike in the use of the word "Reagan." Let's get in on it with this apartment in CIM Group's Seventy46 in Hollywood--its living room was once Ronald Reagan's office. The 1925 building used to be the Hollywood Professional Building; architect John Lautner had an office there and the Screen Actor's Guild rented the eighth floor through the forties and early fifties. The guild's website says its "executive offices overlooked Hollywood Blvd." Reagan was elected president of SAG in 1947 and served seven not-always-consecutive terms--through SAG's first strikes, the Hollywood blacklist, the end of the studio system, and the creation of its pension and health plan (that last one happened at its next headquarters).

The current tenant showed off his whole (rather lovely) unit over on desire to inspire and tells us in an email that CIM told him about the Reagan connection when he first rented the apartment. Add this one to our growing list of places that used to be the early-career offices of Republican presidents--Nixon's first law office in Whittier recently became a stealth cell site.
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