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1921 Arlington Heights House Has a Speakeasy Hidden Behind a Sliding Bookcase Wall

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As you may have noticed, we brake for listings that mention a speakeasy. So naturally we were intrigued when we saw the words "Prohibition Period wet bar with hidden sliding bookcase wall" in the description for this 1920s Arlington Heights home. Disappointingly, while the bar is shown in the accompanying photo gallery, the aforementioned hidden wall is left hidden. Mitigating the disappointment, however, is a curious photo that appears to show a tiny, Drew Friedman-style portrait of W.C. Fields (though it could also be Oliver Hardy--it's pretty hard to tell) sketched on the end of some wall molding. Other selling points of the four bedroom, two bath residence are fourteen foot high vaulted ceilings, gothic arches, parquet wood floors, and two fireplaces. Located on a 10,320 square foot corner lot on Country Club Drive, it's asking $669,000.
· 3261 COUNTRY CLUB Dr [Redfin]