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Dead Silver Lake Circuit City Not Becoming Hipster Whole Foods

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Updated 6:15 pm: Twitter was abuzz yesterday with news that the former home of Circuit City on Sunset near Fountain in Silver Lake, close to Los Feliz, was roaring back to life as a Whole Foods--there was even a picture of a hipster dancing in front of a Whole Foods sign! No, the CIM Group-owned lot will remain a horror movie set for the immediate future as the sign was a phony, confirmed to us by Whole Foods corporate. The chain's only Western plans for now include OC stores, one in Del Mar, one in Hawaii, and a Tucson outpost. Apparently, Silver Lake has not yet crossed the gentrification threshold enough to warrant a Whole Foods (and obviously not everyone thinks that's a bad thing).

Don't get too upset, Silver Lake, not many areas could compete with the fancy LA-area neighborhoods and cities Whole Foods has deemed worthy of a store: Westwood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, West LA, Venice, Fairfax, and Santa Monica (x3). Makes you want to hug Ralphs and Fresh & Easy for setting up shop in less-established neighborhoods like South Park and Crenshaw. As for who would spend their Labor Day weekend getting a fake Whole Foods sign made up (with Silver Lake as one word--intentional?), most people are assuming it's Nick Thune, one of Twitter's many self-promoting comedians and the dancing hipster who tweeted the pic of himself rejoicing in front of the phony sign. We asked him about it, but no word yet. In an email, Thune had this to say: "I have no idea who was behind the Wholefoods HOAX. Just happened to drive by it and think it was funny... I wouldn't mind seeing a Airport go in there. I'm sick of driving to LAX or Burbank."
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Silver Lake Circuit City

4400 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA