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The Rampture: Sunset Edition Starts Today at the 405

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The I-405 Sepulveda Pass Improvements Project (the same team who brought you Carmageddon and The Rampture: Wilshire Edition) today starts day and night closures of the eastbound Sunset Boulevard to the southbound 405 onramp--the closures will last for 14 days, when they will give way to another set of closures.

Mark your calendars (it could help pass the time while trying to get on the 405 this afternoon): starting on October 14, there will also be a two-week day and night closure of north Church Lane and westbound Sepulveda Way.

In observance of the Rampture, Sunset Boulevard will have only one lane of traffic open in each direction during the weekend of October 15. There will be two lanes of traffic open in each direction on Sunset for the remainder of the Rampture: Sunset, except for the nights of October 14 and October 15, when Sunset Boulevard will be closed between Thurston Avenue and Gunston Drive.

In case you are wondering if this is all worth it, below is how whole the idyllic Westside freeway experience will look when all is said and done:

For details on the whole confusing mess, the Metro press release is probably the best place to look. There is also a helpful and long Metro presentation that details the current status and future plans for the entire freeway project.
· Sunset Bridge Reconstruction Work to Require Road, Ramp Closures Beginning Sept. 30 [Metro News]
· Meet the Rampture: 3 Month Closures For Wilshire Blvd. 405 Ramps [Curbed LA]