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Echo Park House in the Semi Tropic Spiritualists Tract Has a Long History of Enlightenment-Seeking

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This two bedroom house in Echo Park looks like it could be pretty nice, but it's hard to tell since the listing photos look like they were taken by someone on some kind of trip--who else would show such deep, prolonged interest in a bathtubside orchid? Or a glittery chandelier? Or a bunch of wine bottles? (The last two photos seem to have been removed from the listing, maybe because a glowing heatlamp and a moosehead in a shower were a little too on the nose.) The 1949 house has a "doors of perception"-related backstory (minus any psychedelics) to go with its photos--it's part of the Semi Tropic Spiritualists Tract, originally created in 1905 and made up of "hundreds of tiny lots" surrounding a "large central lot for camping, meetings, 'mediums,' lectures and concerts," according to the Corralitas Red Car Property blog (this property is on four lots, according to the listing). The Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Association's goal was to maintain campgrounds in LA County, where they could hold meetings "devoted to the maintenance and spreading of the religion of Modern Spiritualism, its philosophy and its phenomena." Asking price for this little phenomenon is $749,000.
· 1925 WALCOTT Way [Redfin]
· Semi Tropic Spiritualists' Tract Cut in 1905 [Corralitas Red Car Property]